We have come a long way since our pre-historic ancestors in creating the first piece of jewelry, some seven thousand years ago.  For Dino Lonzano, The Dino Difference is all about creating that experience, so pleasant and so unique for the one of a kind person who desires a one of a kind piece.

The Dino Difference is the experience you will enjoy by being an intricate part of the process in turning your vision into a reality and expressing what she would adorn.  It is what lead designer Dino Lonzano has brought into the century old Market Street Diamonds.  It is what sets us apart from the rest, where jewelry is more tailored rather than a mass-produced commodity.  Here is what we mean:

We are a Full Service Jeweler

We perform an array of jewelry and watch repairs onsite.  We have three master jewelers who are artists in themselves.  We have a diamond cutting facility in New York to re-purpose any older stones you might have.  We will consider buying your old jewelry as well.  With all of this at our fingertips, we eliminate the middle man costs completely.  So even if you don’t need an engagement ring, we are more than happy to accommodate your jewelry repair needs.  Make an appointment with us, we are here to bring life back into your unworn jewelry. Consultation is always free and it is one of our core competencies.

We are a creative Studio

Rather than take the 2D jewelry approach of piece from showcase to purchase, we take a 4D approach.  You will talk to one of our designers about the idea you have in mind, select the perfect stone, receive a CAD rendering, and are able to feel the approved 3D printed wax.  The end result is that you will always be rest assured that everything is being done under one roof in our Creative Studio.

We are a Boutique

By definition, a boutique is “any small, exclusive business offering customized service.” But providing a Boutique Experience requires more than being small in size or offering a customized service.  It requires dedication, focus and commitment to the client.  Please read our Yelp and Google reviews that our amazing clients wrote on their experience. Guaranteed red-carpet customer service plus amazing value means you can trust Market Street Diamonds as a Boutique to build a life long relationship with.  That is what the Dino Difference brings to you.

We are Value Driven

Value is something you cannot buy.  We respect and strive to preserve humanity and the environment we live in.  At Market Street Diamonds, you will find a diverse team of professionals, speaking many different languages and respecting you as a human no matter your comfort zone.  We make all our jewelry in house using state of the art technology available to make a minimal environmental impact.  We take great pride in our “Green Buying Initiative”, through which we buy used jewelry and precious stones to minimize environmental impact of mining.
The Dino Difference is our value proposition and our purpose of existence in this industry.  Come and experience the difference at Market Street Diamonds making today’s vision tomorrows tradition.