Market Street Diamonds takes great pride in its public, business to consumer, diamond-buying initiative.  Diamonds often mark a milestone, a remembrance or a symbol of eternal love.  Re-purposing diamonds from their past life, set into a magnificent piece of stunning jewelry should be as intimate as the day they were first given.

Market Street Diamonds is a privately owned local business in Georgetown, Washington, D.C., where relationships are developed and cultivated.  Dino Lonzano, owner and proprietor of Market Street Diamonds’ mission is to create long lasting, professional and personal relationships within the community.  This love of community and passion for creating the most exquisite, refined jewelry, stems from the relationships that we cultivate with the soul purpose of making someone else’s dream come true.

Keeping your experience at a local, privately owned business will not only help you develop a lasting relationship, it will turn an old piece of jewelry into a timeless piece that you personally want.  Sitting down and listening to your story and the vision you have for the diamonds new life is an experience that Market Street Diamonds loves to discover.  This enables the customer and concept to be developed into a timeless piece with a true meaning – something that will never be developed at a chain.

Further, the repurposing of diamonds is a sustainable approach.  Reusing these diamonds negates any negative effects on the environment and ecosystems that can often be attributed from large scale mining operations.

When diamonds are repurposed, they’re re-cut and given a new life.  We purchase diamonds at fair market value to provide it with a new, stylish home – the result is positive for everyone.  Market Street Diamonds is the only diamond buying business in Washington, DC.  We also take pride in being the only diamond cutter in the Washington, DC region.

Dino Lonzano has educated, assisted and shared his love of fine jewelry for the past three decades.  Market Street Diamonds laid the groundwork over a century ago.  This personal touch is a trademark to their approach – to get to know each piece of jewelry from the purchase to the sale enables Market Street Diamonds to begin a relationship with the customer ensuring the perfect home for each piece of fine jewelry that enters its Georgetown shop.