Our art is our enterprise.  Market Street Diamonds is a leader in producing and exporting the world’s most exquisite diamonds.  Our hallmark proprietary cuts combined with an illustrious commitment to providing our wholesale and retail client’s consistent perfection distinguishes Market Street Diamonds from all else.

Our commitment to excellence begins and ends with our product.  We purchase the best conflict-free diamond rough to see the process through its second metamorphosis — a brilliant, expertly cut masterpiece.

Our belief is that a diamond’s value is derived from careful, manual artistry rather than a mass-produced commodity.  Our hallmark proprietary cuts and unwavering attention to detail help us provide the best to our customers, ensuring their desire for luxury is always captivated in essence by Market Street Diamonds.

For over a century, Market Street Diamonds has built its reputation based on a tradition of distinctive, devoted excellence and service.  Founded by a sixth-generation Belgium diamond cutter, Market Street Diamonds opened its doors to provide exquisite, never-before-seen diamond cuts to a growing New York City elite.  Over one hundred years later, we proudly continue the diamond renaissance, delighting in quality, craftsmanship and imagination.

Dino Lonzano